Blossor – explore and discover the best in real estate

Who are we?

We are a group of entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest who have a passion for innovation.

Why did we create Blossor?

The Problem

No Freedom – Consumers are restricted to form-based search

Consumers expect a better search experience that enables them to quickly access the specific results they want. Real estate websites continue to use form-based search that confines the consumer to pre-set search filters and does not truly facilitate exploration and discovery.  We believe it is time for consumers to have powerful web-like search tools at their fingertips.

No Control – Consumers feel unsafe – they are treated like leads

Every real estate website that exists, including real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia or real estate brokerage websites like Redfin or Remax, exist solely to capture contact information that can be given or sold to real estate agents and mortgage professionals. The vast majority of real estate sites today feel more like agent sales tools rather than information sources on housing. The consumer cannot ask questions or get assistance without the risk of being preyed upon by agents or mortgage professionals.

No Loyalty – Consumers have no specific brand loyalty in real estate

Most real estate sites are filled with text, banner ads, and pop-ups. Consumers are increasingly numb to the ads and annoyed by the apparent irrelevance. Real estate websites do not create retention or brand loyalty.   Portals and brokerage websites have not created a safe, fun, social, rewarding place for consumers to dream, organize, or shop.

No Incentives – The real estate search experience is neither fun nor rewarding

Current real estate sites are focused on delivering results to agents at the expense of the consumer. Consumers do not derive any tangible benefits from the sites, other than getting information about homes.

The Blossor Solution

Consumer Freedom – Blossor Smart Search

Traditional real estate websites and portals use basic keyword search controls that restrict users to keyword searches such as city, zip code, address, or MLS number. Blossor’s smart search allows you to ask questions and type sentences that lead to accurate search results. You can use verbs, phrases, common words, and abbreviations to select, locate, and view relevant real estate related data.

For example: Looking for a, “Home in Seattle over 1M with a view of the water” or, “Bellingham homes with fireplaces”?   Now with Blossor you can explore properties in the neighborhoods you want with the property types and property features that are close to amenities that interest you.

Here are some examples of Blossor smart searches:

  • Homes in Seattle for more than $800K with a view of the water
  • I’m looking for a home in Seattle with a gourmet kitchen
  • I need a home in Bellingham where I can have horses

Consumer Safety – Our users aren’t leads

Blossor is designed to be a safe place for consumers to search, dream, and explore.   In order to fulfill that promise we have restricted all advertising and made a commitment not to share your contact information with loan officers or real estate professionals – or anyone – without your specific consent.

When you are ready to work more closely with a professional, you can select from our directory of approved professionals, or invite your own agent. If you responded to an invitation by your agent to join Blossor, then your agent will be the only one featured. We believe it is vital to preserve existing, trusted relationships.

Consumer Loyalty – Blossor is a fun, social, and engaging place

The top 15 real estate websites collectively generate over 1.2 billion unique views every year.   Yet there are only between four and five million real estate transactions completed annually in the United States. This means there must be well over one billion real estate searches by users who have no interest or ability to buy this year. So why are there so many searches? The vast majority of visitors to real estate websites are dreamers, remodelers, builders, designers, decorators, renters… or simply curious.

Blossor is designed to be a powerful tool for serious homebuyers and sellers, but also a fun interactive place for the dreamers and decorators behind the billion searches.

As a Blossor user, you can interact with friends, share on all major social platforms, create shareable or private boards to organize your thoughts and dreams, competitively earn points and badges, and be rewarded for your activities through our unique Blossor Bucks program.

Consumer Rewards – Blossor Bucks means real savings

Our Blossor Bucks program means we don’t need to sell consumer contact information as leads or clutter the website with irrelevant banner ads.   When you are ready to start saving money you simply visit our store.

In the Blossor Store you will find discounts on services or items like closing costs, mortgage costs, home furnishings, home repairs, moving costs, hotels and travel. You will find coupons for free installation of utilities and even save money on entertainment and meals.


BRES is Blossor Real Estate Services, Inc.  We are a licensed brokerage operating in a growing number of states. is the online real estate platform for BRES. You are welcome to view a list of our license numbers.

See the map below for the states in which we are currently operating.  Green is active and gold is pending.